Land of the Dead Synopsis Updated

The Land of the Dead synopsis on our Land of the Dead movie section was a bit out of date, and thanks to DJ and Beach Head it has been updated to reflect the latest script. With that said, here is the latest on Land of the Deads plot.

Sometime ago an unimaginable catastrophe destroyed much of human civilization. The recently dead, for an unknown reason, had returned to life and taken the lives of their living brothers and sisters. These "zombies" multiplied rapidly by adding to their ranks with every new victim. Many years later, the dead greatly outnumbered the living. The remnants of humanity fled to a city, where a feudal like government had taken hold. Fiddler’s Green, the center of this fortress city, is where the rich and powerful lived in luxury while the rest of humanity lived in poverty around them. Paul Kaufman, leaving no room for freedom in his kingdom, rules with an iron fist and overwhelming firepower.

In order to ensure his dominance, and upscale lifestyle, Kaufman financed the construction of Dead Reckoning, a fortress like vehicle that could venture out into the world with relative ease. Riley Denbo, both the designer and commander of Dead Reckoning, has had enough and just entered retirement. Unlike Kaufman, Riley is respected by the citizens of the fortress city for his work to protect them from a dangerous world. However, after a series of incidents, Riley winds up in jail with his best friend Charlie Houk, a member of the Dead Reckoning team, and Slack, a prostitute.

Meanwhile, Cholo DeMora, the 2nd in command of the Dead Reckoning team, has gone rogue! Having his dreams shattered by Kaufman, Cholo is out to even the score. With the Dead Reckoning, as well as the rest of its team, he sets his plan into motion. With no where else to turn, Kaufman and the city elite turn to Riley to fix the situation. Riley is in a race against the clock to stop Cholo from exacting his revenge and killing a lot of incident people in the process.

However, the living will not be the only threat. As hinted in both Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead, there is more to the undead than first meets the eye. With a new threat on the horizon, will humanity be able to survive a new onslaught? Is humanity even worth saving in the New World?

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