Korean Killer Boar Film Chaw Trailer

One of my favorite films is the 1984 Australian film Razorback, whose story can be summed up to the simple line of 'a giant pig on the rampage in the Outback'.  In recent years there has been a bit of a surge of real life killings of monstrous hogs which have sparked a bit of a wave of killer pig films with movies like Hogzillza and Pighunt.

The South Koreans are jumping upon the bandwagon with the film Chaw, I dunno why it's called that as the official website is all in Korean.  However from what I can gather from the trailer, the storyline is about a small mountain town that is attacked by a gigantic boar.  Hunters and police descend upon the town looking to ends it's rampage.  Check out the film's offical website for the trailer, it'll start autoplaying when the page loads.

The movie looks rather interesting and it seems that the boar is made by a mix of CG and practical effects.  The film is due out in South Korean cinemas this summer and I hope that if it does well there, it might get picked up by a distributor.  It looks to be my kind of a movie. 
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