Hardware on DVD for North America

Okay call this karma, fate, or getting rogered by the DVD Release Gods but I ordered and received my copy of the new UK Disc for Richard Stanley's film Hardware last week, watched it over the weekend and today have just learned it's getting a release stateside in a two disc special edition.  Now what will make this karma, fate or heavy rogering is that I received Tunnel Rats a while ago and learned it will also get released stateside...oy, makes me wondering if now on after every time I buy a European disc it'll magically get a US release.

But whatever this is just me at ten o'clock in the morning overthinking.  The Euro/Rare DVD site DiabolikDVD has a page for preorders for the Uncut version of Hardware in a two disc special edition from Severin Films.

Special Features:

  • Commentary by Richard Stanley
  • Sea of Perdition - Richard Stanley Short Film
  • Making of Documentary
  • Early Super 8 Version of Hardware
Now this isn't much different from the UK disc (which as I recall is also suppose to be uncut), but the UK disc contains some deleted scenes, a vintage EPK, and Stanley's documentary Voices of the Moon.  I watched Hardware a few days ago and rather enjoyed it, it's a tight little film, a bit strange and takes a while to really start, but entertaining and worth a watch for fans of killer robots.  Hardware is due out on September 29 and will retail for $19.99.
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