Simon Rumley Prepares Red, White and Blue


During the time Director Simon Rumley (The Living and the Dead) was bringing his film to festivals all over the world he met Tim League. League is the mastermind behind the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas and he also is co-director of the Fantastic Fest. When the two met League kept telling him to return to Austin and make a movie. So in early 2009 Rumley returned to Austin to do a little research on the area before gearing up to make a movie.

What has resulted from all these talks is "Red, White & Blue" which has been billed as a slacker revenge movie. The film will be completely set in contemporary Austin using local hot spots like Emo's, Cucaracha's, The Broken Spoke and The Austin Diner. Not only will he be using many local places to provide a nice backdrop but he will have many of the local residents as extras as well. All fans of the Alamo Drafthouse.

The film stars Amanda Fuller as Erica, a young drifter of sorts who sleeps with multiple men and spends the rest of her time bar hopping. That is, until she meets Nate (Noah Taylor) a man who was recently discharged from the army and now works at the hardware store in Austin. But before their friendship can go any further one of her past partners, Franki (The Lost's Marc Senter) contracts HIV and this throws him into a rage with only one person to blame..

This sounds like its going to be a film to keep an eye on. I love the casting of Marc Senter and I think this role will be perfect for him. The character sounds so much like the one that he played in The Lost. Below you can check out a picture of the three mean muggin for the camera. Keep it here for more.

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