Revised Specs For Black Devil Doll DVD


Awhile back we released some DVD specs that ended up not coming out due to some problems with the distribution. Now that all of that has been put out of the way it looks like it was all for the good because this new disc is going to packed. After doing its rounds at several theaters across the states everyone will get a chance to check it out on October 27th.

Pre-orders are expected to be taken about a month before the street date. Some rather odd news is that the film is being made into a novel. Yes a novel that will soon be up on Amazon. The DVD will come packed to the gills with the following special features:

  • Five Audio Commentaries, one by the Black Devil Doll himself
  • Three Exclusive Black Devil Doll Trailers
  • Film Festival Clips
  • Rare Footage From the New Beverly Cinema Premiere
  • Three Black Devil Doll animated short films
  • Behind the scenes still gallery
  • Rare interviews with the Black Devil Doll
  • 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound Mix
  • Free Bonus Mini Poster

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