This Summers Hottest Horror Vixens


Recently I did an editorial on the Hottest Horror Vixens of All Time based on what you readers had said. All of you took time to share who you thought was the hottest and I compiled it into one big master list. Well today reader Shawn wrote in to demand that we do a new one of Summers Hottest Horror Vixens. This list is a list of the hottest horror vixens who will be in a new movie this summer. Its a good idea and so with that in mind. Here are the Summers Hottest Horror Vixens.

Brenna Lee Roth: She will be seen in THE ROAD which stars Viggo Mortensen and tells the story of a man trying to survive and protect his son in an apocalyptic world gone to hell in a hand bag.   ( trailer )

Megan Fox: Megan Fox will be seen next in Jennifers Body and yes kids she gets all kinds of naked.. well at least early leaked photos showed her naked with pasties on. The trailer hit the web today and its actually not to shabby at all. Watch the Trailer

Mischa Barton: She will be seen in HomeComing and although I am not a fan of her work there is no taking away from the fact that she is a good looking chick. HomeComing was a surprisingly fun film and although not groundbreaking is definitely a fun thriller along the lines of MISERY. Homecoming Trailer

Milla Jovovich: She will next be seen in the thriller A Perfect Getaway which is a tale of a loving couple who decide to go to a tropical island to take a nice hike off the beaten path. Of course their perfect holiday quickly goes to hell in a hand bag. Watch the trailer

Danielle Harris: She will next be seen in Rob Zombies Halloween 2 but she will also be seen in CYRUS.  I am a big fan of Danielles not only is she smoking hot but she has serious talents and is just made for the genre. Talented, good looking and all around kick ass!

Kate Beckinsale: She will next be seen in the comic book adaptation Whiteout about a US Marshall stuck in the great white trying to hunt down a killer. Although long stalled the movie does look like it could have some potential. Watch the trailer

Audrina Patridge: She starred in the 'reality' show the Hills which is complete drivel but lets be honest.. she is really hot. She will be seen in this summers Sorority Row remake playing get this... a hot Sorority Chick. No idea if she can act but she is fun to look at in lingerie.

Diora Baird: She first hit my 'radar' in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel/remake and my goodness is she hot. And she can act! She will next be seen in Night of the Demons which is also a remake and is getting its debut in UK on August 30th.

So there you have it. By no means a complete list but these are just a few of this Summers Hottest Horror Vixens!

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