3 Zombie Movies to Look Forward To


Its pretty damn rare I can say I have three zombie movies I am looking forward to. Much less three zombie movies about to get a theatrical release to look forward to. So this editorial is one that brings a big fat smile to my face. So in no particular order but with all kinds of bad-ass-ness here are 3 Zombie Movies To Look Forward To.

REC 2: REC came out and absolutely kicked ass with fanboys and fangirls who have much love for our favorite braineaters genre. REC 2 is getting ready to kick its ass into theaters all be it very likely a very limited release in North America. REC 2 much like the first one will be shot handycam style so think BlairWitch and or Cloverfield. Really not sure on plot but pretty sure it involves going back to the apartment building in the first one to solve the outbreak. The latest REC 2 trailer is also the definition of an awesome trailer.

ZombieLand: The only thing better then zombie movies are zombie comedies if you ask me. Woody Harrelson is bringing us ZombieLand about a group of survivors who find hte zombies are a bitch to survive.. but its even worse trying to survive one another. It looks like Shaun of the Dead meets Idiocracy and that kids is all good. The trailer is truly fantastic!

Carriers: Number three on my list and by no means the worst of the three is Chris Pines new zombie flick CARRIERS. The tag line is almost as cool as the trailers 'The only thing scarier then the plague is the carriers'. A tale of a group of 20 somethings travelling across the US to try and survive a 28 Days Later like Plague looks both dramatic and action filled. Its pretty rare I say a movie looks like it could be scary as hell but CARRIERS looks like it could very well be scary as hell. Checkout the trailer.

So there you have 3 zombie movies to look forward to but I also want to make a quick honorable mention to George Romeros next, .... Of The Dead. Land of the Dead and Diary of the Dead both missed the mark for my severely but that does not lesson the fact I am a huge fan and REALLY hope that Romero hits the nail on the head with his latest. I am leary for OF THE DEAD but hopefull as well.

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