Winner: HellRaiser CUBE Collectors Set


This was a really fun contest and we all benefited from it. So for that reason we will be doing another cool contest just like this one very shortly. The idea behind the contest was to reward those of you who take the time to write your reviews of horror films you love or hate and help the rest of us decide what to buy and what not to buy.

It was not based on number of reviews, but overall popularity of your reviews for the month of June. Now that its July its time to list who the winner is.

The winner of this contest is brand new member GooGoPQP. He not only had the most reads but also submitted some really great reviews to our site making our Tomb an even better resource for finding out what to watch and what not to watch.

As promised I have also chosen two runner ups. And Azathoth and Gardenofstone10 who came in 2nd and 3rd have both won The Andromeda Strain on DVD. Thanks to everyone who entered this contest and look for another cool contest similar to this one to launch this week!  Below is the Top 15 Critics for June! Feel free to keep submitting your reviews as our July Contest will start soon and will include all reviews from July 1st on.

  1. Googopqp
  2. azathoth
  3. Gardenofstone10
  4. alien25
  5. Psyko113
  6. wolfsoul4
  7. deadhorse13
  8. alex117
  9. ILH
  10. DarkwingMantis
  11. jackalqueen
  12. Rileyofthedead
  13. yourmotheratemydog715
  14. PenningtonNY10
  15. Suspiria_89
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