Mia Horror Movies: Worst Case Scenario, ThanksKilling, and More!


Time for the second installment of MIA Horror Movies. This editorial feature focuses on horror movies that we have been waiting and wondering about that seem to have gone MIA and where they are at now. If you have a movie you want info on I encourage you to drop an email to us at scoops@horror-movies.ca and we will include your movie in a future edition. Please put MIA in the title! So that said here are some more MIA Horror Movies:

Children Shouldnt Play with Dead Things Remake: MaggyDoom asked the question what happened to the remake of Bob Clarks Children Shouldnt Play with Dead Things. As you all should know Bob Clark and his son were killed by a drunk driver, may they rip and the idea and concept for the remake seems to have died with them. This movie is not just MIA it is dead in the water.

Worst Case Scenario: Germcleaner asks what happened to Worst Case Scenario. This movie about Nazi Zombies looked absolutely insane and alot of us were damn excited to get to see it when it was finally completed. It was directed and written by Brian Yuzna who did Re-Animator of course. Unfortunately none of us will ever get to see the film as it was never completed. Despite the project looking fantastic Brian was unable to secure financing to make the movie a reality. You can checkout the very slick trailer for it here

BitchSlap: CaptainHoodoo asked what happened to Bitchslap. A grindhouse film featuring three hot ass kicking hotties it is still very much alive and well. This movie made its debut at Comic Con last year to much fanfare and will debut this fall likely on DVD.

Viy: Jackalqueen asked if we had any info on VIY and its status. This is a russian horror film that was supposed to get a release in North America not once, not twice but three times. No idea where it stands now as the official russian site still has the release date set as a date that has already passed. I encourage you to checkout the trailer for VIY right here. Its pretty cool.

ThanksKilling: RIP Asked the question on the boards what is going on with ThanksKilling. The DVD date was supposed to have been last year and it never happened. The trailer and the poster are the definition of stupid funny and alot of us are waiting to get our grubby mitts on it. The filmmakers actually answered this one for us by posting on our boards that it will be released on DVD This fall indepedently. Hopefully they read this and actually keep in touch with updates so we can promote the dvd for them. Looks genius! Trailer is here

If you have a question about an MIA horror movie leave a comment or shoot an email to us. If we missed your question from an earlier time feel free to resubmit it to us.

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