Jason Statham gets Blitz'ed


Jason Statham is heading back over the pond to the UK to team up with Lionsgate UK again (after the Bank Job) for a new thriller about a serial killer with a passion for targeting police officers.

Statham will play a tough, uncomprimising cop who will be the one that gets the opportunity to chase down the killer.  Sounds like a stretch from his other roles, maybe he'll have to wear a uniform in this movie with the crazy british hat and everything.  That'll be a change for Statham who is normally seen either in a nice suit, or shirtless.

Thanks to Variety for the heads up on this new movie, with Statham at the lead I'm sure we'll get some quality action.  Filming should be starting in the next month in London - wonder who will be playing the killer though??

Jason Statham is set to star in Blitz

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