The Terror Bird Flock

Phorusrhacids aka 'Terror Birds' aka 'The Giant Man Eating Ostriches from 10,000 BC' existed in it's various species from roughly 50-3million years ago.  They could stand has high as ten feet tall and almost move as fast as a cheetah.  Thankfully they're all kaput.  Or are they?

Well, that's the plot of James Robert Smith's novel The Flock, which is about a super-intelligent colony of Terror Birds living deep in the Florida Everglades who find themselves threatened by theme park developers.  TheHollywoodReporter has word that producers Dan Murphy and John Wells have optioned (which is something akin to 'renting', they have to purchase the full rights later) the rights to The Flock and are looking for screenwriters to adapt.

I heard about the book sometime before I laughed my way through Roland Emmerich's prehistoric stinker 10,000 BC so I can't comment on how the story unfolds and if there is any from the viewpoints of the birds.  However speaking 10,000 BC...well, people have forgotten quickly about it so maybe it won't affect how people percieve it.  And it's certianly an interesting idea.  According to THR, the produers are looking to put The Flock out as a tent-pole summer movie.
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