FX Artist Gearing Up Haunting Kira


After ten years helping other genre filmmakers bring monstrosities to the screen, special FX makeup artist Teresa Fahs says she is ready to breathe life into her own undead creations. The CEO of a one-stop special effects make-up resource for the do-it-yourself zombie, has written and is currently seeking funds for "Haunting Kira," which she plans to direct in November and release theatrically on Mother's Day next year.

"I've had all these amazing gore bits, scares, and kills floating around in my head for years," Fahs said. "I also had an original zombie concept that goes beyond the typical shooting gallery, and I needed to bring it to the screen. Then one day it all just gelled together. Writing the script was really just the process of yanking it out of my brain."

Fahs describes "Haunting Kira" as a ghost story, a zombie film, a gorefest, and a strange trip that is like “Being John Malkovich” meets “The Shining” meets “Night of the Living Dead.”

"It's got paranormal activity, re-animated and decaying corpses, painfully realistic gore, frenzied and meaningful kills, and an ending that will hopefully make audiences want to see it all again, and again, and again," Fahs said. "'Haunting Kira' also explores issues of death and immortality, the impact of physical pain on behavior, commentary on medical professionals, how women's self-image is attached to her appearance, the effects of aging on personality, and more. It's not a preachy story though. It's more like a journey into your worst fears with no way out."

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