Bonus Toe Tags : Zombie Movie Reviews


As you all know by now we are giving away a Bluray Player and OldBoy on Bluray. The winner of this contest will be our Top Member of the Month. On our site you earn Toe Tags from posting on the boards, submitting reviews , posters, and just plain having fun. To make things fun we are running bonus events. So for the next day every review of a Zombie Movie that is submitted ( and gets approved ) will earn you 50-80 Toe Tags. Submit your Reviews.

You can see Our Top Members Page here which will show you the current Top 200 Members based on Toe Tags. Its important to note Top Members are only ACTIVE members. So inactive members are not listed and are not in the running for this contest.

We will be running a variety of Toe Tag promotions one starting this weekend to give you all a great boost in your Toe Tags and make this contest a ton of fun.

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