Trick 'R Treat DVD Art


Trick R Treat is coming to DVD this fall and from the fine folks at AICN comes the DVD art which you can see below. The long waiting in release horror film Trick 'R Treat is at long last finally coming to DVD this fall.  Talking with Fangoria, writer/director Michael Dougherty thanked the fans for their undying support of the film and let the beans slip on the special features for the Blu-Ray.  Just the Blu-Ray as according to Dougherty, standard DVD will be simply the film.  Blu-Ray is where it'll be at.

"There will be a standard-editiion DVD which pretty much just have the movie and then the Blu-Ray disc will have all the special features, 'cause that's the way things are moving these days..."

Blu-Ray Special Features:

  • Commentaries
  • Documentary
  • Animated Short Film Season's Greetings
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Outttakes
  • More to Come

Okay, honestly it sounds like a good package. But I have massive issue with giving Blu-Ray all the special features.  It sounds like a bit of a rip-off for many fans who have been waiting for so long to get their hands on a DVD that feels like the wait would be worth it and only to recieve a glorified VHS.  So, I'm very disappointed with the release of Trick 'R Treat, hopefully in the coming months, something will change.  Trick 'R Treat will be due out this fall on DVD & Blu-Ray.

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