Next Wicker Man Has Begun Filming


The last time we reported on this film it was still being called Cowboys for Christ. Now they have changed the name to The Wicker Tree and have just began shooting in Edinburgh. Even though this is based around very similar ideas from the Wicker Man it will not be a sequel, remake or a prequel. They have declared that this will be a companion piece to the first cult film.

Based on the novel of the same name, Cowboys for Christ is the tale of a young couple from Texas who travel to a small Scottish town. While there they try and convince the locals to adapt to their christian religion. After opening up their arms to the strangers the locals plan begins to become clear.

Themes of religion, sexuality and paganism will all be present once again. Not to mention that Hardy has once again gotten Christopher Lee on board which will make this even more similar to The Wicker Man. But the producer from CFC Films is quick to point out that this will not be a sequel but a companion piece to The Wicker Man.

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