Producer Talks Motel Hell Remake


I have always been a huge fan of the original Motel Hell. It's campy humor and over the top kill scenes have always made it one of my favorite films. A while back we were all shocked to hear that a remake would be on the way with Automaton Transfusion director Steven C. Miller at the helm. After that we heard nothing.. until today.

STYD spoke with producer Craig Perry and he talked about what was happening with the film, "It's been in the works forever, and it's a movie that I won't make a penny on but it should be unbelievably fun if we can get it together and that's up to the corporate guys," Perry told the site, figuring that it would be a smaller movie costing roughly $3 or 4 million compared to the bigger budget "Final Destination" flicks. "It doesn't need to be bigger than that. That's a movie about balancing tone. What we want to do is re-address the tone of the original, which was not really cohesive or coherent, it was just campy. Make it really scary, and then go back and find the jokes and the humor to leaven it so that you don't disregard what made the first one so much fun and entertaining, but really deliver some (scares). It is a horror movie, let's not shirk our responsibility there."

Its good to see that at least this time around they won't try and capture the campy feel of the original. Thats something that you really can't do.. it just happens. Keep it here for more.

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