Contest: Bluray Player, 150 Bonus Toe Tags Weekend!


As you all know we are giving away a Bluray Player and a copy of Oldboy on Bluray. Those of you who submit reviews over the weekend for any film that released onto dvd this year will get up to 150 Toe Tags for each review approved. If its a film we dont have many reviews for you can rest assured we will give you special consideration.

Obviously we dont expect you to remember what all came out this year so here is the list of all DVD Releases from Jan 1 of this year. Submit your reviews and have some fun. As an added bonus the person who writes what I consider the best review this weekend will win SAW 2 on DVD on top of gaining a gaggle of toe tags towards the Bluray contest!

UPDATE: People have been asking if new theatrical releases count and the answer is yes. Including any upcoming releases.

For complete details on the Bluray Contest have a look here

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