$74 Zombie Movie Colin Headed For Theaters

Colin, a zombie movie was made for only $74Marc Price worked nights at a private car hire firm (taxi booking guy) for 18 months while working on his new zombie movie, and now he's enjoying the success. Awhile back we told you guys about this movie and today comes word from Screen Daily that his film, Colin, has been acquired for theatrical release by Kaleidoscope Entertainment. I guess the only bad news is that it will only be given 6 prints which will play in London and some surrounding UK cities in time for Halloween.

The film tells the tale of Colin, who gets bitten, dies and comes back from the dead. It really takes a different spin, because zombie movies don't normally tell the story from the zombie's point of view. Price says he got the idea after a late night watching 'Dawn of the Dead' with some friends and they all remarked how they would never get the budget to create zombie film. Price awoke early the next day, a touch hungover, and decided to make a film entirely from the zombie's perspective, and he'd do it with nearly no budget.  The result is 'Colin'.

How do you make a film for only $74?  Get alot of help from your friends, and only spend money on what you absolutely need.  Social Networking sites got Price his staff, and he would just ask them to bring their own stuff to the shoot and use that.  The makeup artist had just come off of doing X-Men 3, so he had some extra latex that was used on Wolverine!  The special-effects he learned to do by watching the "behind the scenes" extra features from his DVD collection. The $74 bought him a crowbar, some tapes and some coffee and tea to keep the volunteer zombies happy!
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