Gears of War Movie Details Spilled


Gears of War is a game I bought on sale, played and enjoyed.  Ain't played the sequel yet, its never in stock when I get the coupons or store credit.  However, the universe that the games are set in is very interesting and there's a lot of stuff there.  Perfect stuff for the upcoming movie, which is being directed by Live Free or Die Hard and Underworld helmer Len Wiseman.  One thing that'll be absent from the film, Dawyne "The Rock" Johnson as the lead Marcus Fenix. 

IGN reports from the Comic-Con floor that Wiseman debunks rumors that Johnson is considered for the role.  "A DOOM connection would not be smart for us."  Wiseman continued with: "I'm looking for an actor for the role and then I'll put him into shape."  So, The Rock is out, somewhat understandable, but for me its a good choice because Rock is such an obvious choice to play Marcus.  However Wiseman did say he will try and get his wife Kate Beckinsale into the shoes of Maria, who is the wife of Marcus' friend Dominic.  And speaking of female casting, Wiseman hinted at the possbility of seeing female COG soldiers fighting alongside the hulky men in battle armor against the Locust horde.

Though the biggest tidbit I thought was actually seeing Emergence Day, the day that the Locust rose from underground and attacked the humans on the planet's surface.  The games constantly discuss what Emergence Day was, however it has never been seen.  A sequence with that I find would be cool.

Gears of War however is a long way off, according to his IMDB page, Wiseman has five projects coming down the pipe so no telling where GOW will land.  No release date has been set, but keep your eyes peeled here for more details as they come to light.

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