Caruso Gets Dead Space

Only today I was talking to a co-worker how cool it would be to see Dead Space as a movie.  It has its difficulty in adapting, its so far only one game (though EA is working on a trilogy) and while there is exploration, its still somewhat of a linear story.  As well as it will be expensive as all get out to produce. 

Variety reports that EA along with Temple Hill will produce the film and they have signed on Disturbia and Eagle Eye director D.J Caruso to direct.  Currently they're taking meetings with various writers to try and lock down a potential storyline for the film.  As its so early in devlopment stages, no release timeframe has been given. 

Honestly, once again, Dead Space if done well as a movie I think could work.  The biggest hurtles are script and after that is budget.  Gore Verbinski's adaptation of Bioshock is still on hold becaues of the budget being north of $100million.  A budget of similar size would probably be needed to bring Dead Space to life.  We'll keep you updated as word leaks out of Hollywood.
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