Iguchi's Machine Girl Follow-up: Robogeisha!


It is no secret that one of the sleeper hits of 2008 was the Japanese splatter film The Machine Girl.  It was good, cheesy, blood-spraying fun that was the perfect companion to a big bowl of popcorn.  There is no doubt that Machine Girl Director Noboru Iguchi has a taste for the unusual and he is continuing that trend with his upcoming feature lenght film Robogeisha.

So what is Robogeisha?  Well it's exactly as it sounds, a Japanese Geisha that is a killer robot.  Why is something with such a Sci-fi sounding synopsis being covered on a horror site?  Lots of blood and death.  Based on the trailer from TwitchFilm, Robogeisha is going to be more of the utterly bizarre violence that Machine Girl provided.  I mean, even the buildings spray blood when they get smashed.  There looks to be a LOT more CGI than we saw in Machine Girl, but at the same time it looks like another batch of good, cheesy fun.  Get the popcorn ready and prepare yourself for ass-swords, killer breast milk, and even weaponized fried shrimp!  No word on a release date yet, so for now let the trailer below keep you waiting. 

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