The Asylum Distributes 100 Feet

Eric Red is a guy with a lot of talent who unfortunately doesn't have many credits to his name.  Most notably, he penned The Hitcher and Near Dark as well as wrote and directed Bad Moon, one of the better werewolf movies to come out.  I haven't read any reviews about his new film 100 Feet so can't comment on what people think.  Well we can all find out this fall.

The Asylum has announced that they will be distributing the film onto DVD and Blu-Ray this October.  And yes, its the same Asylum that produces the classic films Transmorphers and Alien vs Hunter.  According to Asylum's website, the DVD will be Uncut however there are no special features listed.  Should that change, we'll let y'all know.  You can also go to Asylum's page and check out the trailer for the film.  100 Feet will be on DVD on October 20, 2009.
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