Death Tunnel - New Indie Horror Film

Now I'm not one to get scared very easily, dark places and creepy houses really don't bother me, but a haunted sanatorium - "that's a different story".  Death Tunnel, the new film by British Director Philip Adrian Booth is based on a true story of the haunting of a Kentucky Sanatorium. 

"An upscale college initiation party strands five girls in the "Scariest Place in the World".  Within the five floors of an abandoned hospital built in 1910, haunted by five ghosts of it's tortured past.

As the girls, one by one become victims of it's tragic history, they soon uncover a shocking link they all may have to it's past.  A 500 foot underground body chute, built to remove the dead bodies of it's patients.

With each door opens up a new terror, and each corridor leads to unimaginable horror, the only way out is through the Death Tunnel."

Just think about it, stuck in a haunted sanatorium and the only way out is a 500 foot undergound body chute.  Thanks, but no thanks.  Lucky for us we dont have to visit the Kentucky Sanatorium to experience the horrors it has to show us, we can rely on the offical site and trailer to provide all the scares we need, from the safety of our home.

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