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Triumphant Entertainment, the parent company of Triumphant Pictures and its newly launched genre division Gutter Films, recently acquired domestic rights to An Ordinary Killer. Filmed on location in Michigan, An Ordinary Killer takes a powerful look into the mind of a serial killer from small town America and the way the town deals with their loss of innocence after uncovering him in their midst. “Based on real events,” said Triumphant’s President Cecil Chambers, “we must remind people of the ordinary killers out there and the people who work hard to bring these sadistic people to justice!” The idea for An Ordinary Killer was originated by the film’s writer/co-director Anthony Hornus.

Following the 1973 kidnapping and murder of one of his high school classmates, Anthony Hornus started a book to chronicle the ongoing investigation. Once the killer was brought to justice 28 years later, Hornus decided to turn his book into a screenplay. Having worked with Collective Development Incorporated (CDI) for several years while he wrote his book and served as the editor for the Shiawassee County newspaper Argus Press, Hornus naturally approached this Michigan-based production company with his film idea. Created in 1996 to develop screenplay properties, CDI has since branched out into the production side of the film business as they strive to incorporate entertaining and meaningful content into every single one of their projects. During its week-long theatrical premiere at the NCG multiplex in Owosso, Michigan, a total of 3,400 people turned out to see it.

12 out of its 13 showings sold out, thereby outperforming The Matrix Revolutions which was being screened that same week. In addition to solid performances by Terence Knox (St. Elsewhere, Tour of Duty) as the older detective and Michigan native D.J. Perry (Wicked Spring, GPS The Movie) as the younger detective, An Ordinary Killer features television legend Dan “Grizzly Adams” Haggerty and Charles Matthau, son of the late great Walter Matthau. The film is slated for limited theatrical release during the 3rd Quarter of 2009 with a 4th Quarter DVD release through Triumphant’s New York based partner, E1 Entertainment.

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