Reminder: Win Alien Trespass on DVD


This is your reminder that we are giving away Alien Trespass on DVD. To enter this contest simply go here and follow ye instructions. Its easy. 

Set in 1957, Alien Trespass chronicles the tale of a fiery object from outer space that suddenly comes crashing into a mountain top in the California Mojave Desert, bringing the threat of disaster to Earth. Out of the flying saucer escapes a murderous extra-terrestrial creature the Ghota, which is bent on destroying all life forms on the planet. Urp, a benevolent alien from the spaceship, is the only one who knows how to stop the monster, but to do so he must inhabit the human body of Dr. Ted Lewis (McCormack) a noted local astronomer and with the help of Tammy (Baird), a waitress from the local diner, begins a race against time to neutralize the Ghota before it consumes all the local inhabitants and uses the human fuel to multiply and conquer the world! 


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