Bluray Player Contest: Bonus Tags Fun!


So goes without saying you all know we are giving away a Bluray player to this months top member and that with it they will get the AWESOME film Oldboy on Bluray. Also goes without saying that the 2nd,3rd and 4th place members will get themselves The soundtrack to Park Chan Wook (the OLDBOY Director) upcoming film THIRST.

We like to make it fun for you all and give you lots of opportunity to climb the leader board which alot of you did last week by submitting reviews for 150 toe tags. Well now we are going to do it with Posters. Normally posters get you a handful of toe tags but for the rest of the week every submitted and APPROVED poster will earn you 50 toe tags.

Please note with posters. We do not want watermarked or posters that are small ( should be as big as the postere below or bigger ). Also clearly you should submit posters we are missing not ones we have :) To easy ways to submit posters. First would be to search the Horror Posters page. Second would be to page through the reviews page and you will clearly see reviews missing posters. this contest will run till the end of the week!

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