BioDead Hits Video on Demand


The grisly post-apocalyptic themed horror film “BIO-DEAD” will have its world premiere via nationwide video-on-demand on August 6, 2009 through Time Warner, Bright House and Charter digital cable providers.

“BIO-DEAD” is the feature debut for writer/director Stephen J. Hadden and producer Manfred Drews, II.  Their previous collaboration, the short thriller “Where’s Julie?”, premiered at the 2006 New York City Horror Film Festival. 

Set in the not-too-distant future, “BIO-DEAD” takes place during the aftermath of a bioterrorist attack that has killed twelve million people and rendered Southern California uninhabitable.  The once thriving mecca has now become a contaminated wasteland known as “The Zone”.  Hazmat teams are dispatched into “The Zone” to search for survivors and document all casualties. 

When a lone hazmat team enters a seemingly abandoned building after dark, the men begin to experience terrifying hallucinations and soon realize that they are not alone.  Trapped inside the compound with no escape, the terrified team finds themselves locked in a struggle for survival against a vicious predator… and each other.


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