Indie Zombie Film director Needs Help

A group of five students travel to a country town where the lead male character is goin to dump his cheating girlfriend. But when they get to the town things dont seem right, the ENTIRE town seems to be in some sort of a coma, and nothing can awaken them. But when one of the group does something, (Bleeds, makes a really loud noise, enters a forbidden area/help) the town awakens, but not as humans, but as fleash eating maniacal zombies. Then (after suffering a few casulties) they find a few surrvivors, but for some reason or another the town exit is blocked and they must fight their way out and find another exit.

The main things i need are,

ORIGINAL reasons for the dead walking the earth,
A reason why the only exit is blocked,
And three ideas for surrvivours (i already got the Cop, but he aint a rookie).

I am trying to bring the fear from the grave (so to speak) and actually make the veiwers scared, not have them laughing and demanding refunds. Help a fellow horror/zombie filmmaker/fan.

If you think you can help Dave, aka DirectorCrafty you can help him with his ideas, at the link below

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