Exclusive: Land of the Dead Leaves Kleinberg

Mike one of many people feeding us news for Land of the Dead, has sent in a new update as to what is going on in his area for Land of the Dead, and here is what he had to say.
I took a walk through Klienburg again, for my weekly run.  I have gotten used to seeing a lot of action in the form of tipped over boats and elaborate sets. 

But this time instead of being welcomed by a police officer and seeing Camera crews all that was left of the Land of the Dead crew were a few orange pylons at the side of the road.
I guess that taping in Klienburg has commenced for LOTD.  I did however see someone taping within the Bindertwine park where I jog.  They were taping something that looked like a music video, two women in white dancing to music.  Likely not related to LOTD at all, but who knows………
That’s all the news I have for now.

Later on today Rene, one of our team is going to be sending in a review of the last version of the Land of the Dead Script, so keep an eye on it. He has been drooling on it all week! Head to the Land of the Dead Movie Section for all the Land of the Dead Movie News you can handle, and some great exclusive photos!

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