Twilight Plagiarism Debunked by Copyright Search?


So the big news not 20 minutes ago was that Stephenie Meyers is being sued by Jordan Scott for ripping off her book. Complete details on that here. Well it is amazing how a copyright search can really throw mud on an issue. The Twihards at TwilightLexicon took the time to do a copyright search and found something interesting.

Forever Dawn ( the original name of Breaking Dawn) was copyrighted in  2004-01-05 and Jordan Scotts book the Nocturne which it apparently borrowed from was copyrighted in..... 2008-09-19. I am not lawyer and I by no means have all the facts but I can do simple math. Anyone else think this closes the case? Anyone else wondering why this author would sue with a 4 year discrepency on copright?


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