Real Life Perfect Getaway HoneyMoon Killer?


The following video and blurb were emailed to me earlier today. Right off the bat I am calling Viral on this one since I do not believe its real but its fun. Here is what I was sent;

Authorities from the Hawaiian island of Oahu report today that a couple from California was found dead in an alley in downtown Honolulu. 

Channel Eight News Now first reported a week ago that honeymooners from British Columbia had gone missing on the South Pacific island of Bora Bora.  They were later found dead in a cave.  Then, two more stories broke that additional couples were reported missing in Fiji and Tahiti.  These killings and missing cases are thought to be the work of what the media has titled “The Honeymoon Killers.”  The Honeymoon Killers have been targeting vacationing couples in the South Pacific islands, where many people go for their perfect getaways. 

Watch the news report below.

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