Underworld 4 Greenlit


I'm a fan of the Underworld franchise, the movies are entertaining and are fun diversions when I want an action/horror film.  Also they got the best looking werewolves in a long time.  Rumors of a fourth Underworld have popped up here and there, but nothing has ever been solid.  However STYD today learned that Screen Gems has greenlit a fourth film, which will also be getting the ever popular 3D treatment. 

No word what the storyline would be, if it'll cover the time period between Rise of the Lycans and the first Underworld or pick up with Selene/Michael at the end of Evolution.  Personally, I would like to see the first option, watching the evolving war between vampires and werewolves and revealing Lucian's first inkling that combing the blood could make a hybrid powerful enough to destroy his enemy Viktor. That would be an interesting story I think.  I feel the Selene/Michael storyline is fine where it's at, but if an interesting enough story is brought forward, yeah I'd like to see it. 

As for the 3D element, if its done well and integrated well, I won't have an issue with it.  If its obnoxious, yes I would have an issue.  Underworld IV will be the second 'fourth' action-horror film getting the 3D treatment, right behind Resident Evil: Afterlife.  No writers, stars or director has been discussed for Underworld IV, however Screen Gems has announced a January 2011 release date.

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