Updates on the Thing Prequel Storyline

The Thing - Collector's EditionEric Heisserer who is rewriting the script for The Thing remake / prequel revealed some details on their approach to the prequel in an interview with BD. The story is a prequel and will unfold before the story of the original film. They are using 'reverse engineering' to tell the story. In eplanation Eric says;  
It’s a really fascinating way to construct a story because were doing it by autopsy, by examining very, very closely everything we know about the Norwegian camp and about the events that happened there from photos and video footage that’s recovered. From a visit to the base, the director, producer and I have gone through it countless times marking, you know, there’s a fire axe in the door, we have to account for that…we’re having to reverse engineer it, so those details all matter to us ‘cause it all has to make sense.
I am not entirely sold on this movie since The Thing is easily one of the best scifi horror films ever to be made. That said the Thing in itself was a remake.. so I will not be ruling out this prequel just yet.
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