Underworld 4 and 5 & 6?


A few days ago it was leaked out that Screen Gems had greenlit a fourth Underworld movie.  STYD followed up on their lead and it seems that Screen Gems is keen on having a brand new trilogy. 

The new trilogy will focus on Selene, though no idea on exactly what the storyline could be.  Certainly something that possibly shows the evolving war and maybe her own evolution into a warrior might be interesting, though dunno how it can be expanded into a trilogy.  And where they could go after Underworld Evolution is a mystery. 

We'll keep y'all updated as more solid details surface.  Though I doubt that Len Wiseman will return to direct as he has Gears of War and numerous other projects laid out in front of him.  Underworld IV is set to come in January 2011.

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