Razorback Finally on DVD Stateside

One of my favorite films is Russell Mulcahy's Razorback, the Australian 'Jaws-On-Trotters' film that marked Mulchay's switch from music videos to feature filmmaking.  Unfortunately its never been available on DVD stateside, apparently due to the rights being tied up/no one knowing who had the home video distribution rights.

Well, now Razorback has finally made its debut.  The Warner Bros. Archive Collection is selling a made to order DVD at $19.95 a pop.  Basically the WB Archive is a collection of various films in their vaults that once the order is placed, an automated system makes the DVD and ships it off.  Downside to our friends up in Canada, WB Archive only ships to the USA. 

It's not exactly how I had hoped the film would reach US shores, I had hoped that maybe Anchor Bay, Dark Skys, Synapse Films or another cult DVD distributor would get their hands on it.  Then special features might appear as it appears the WB Archive disc is completely bare bones.  Even so, the movie is a good watch.  Razorback retails for $19.95 and is available now.
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