Dante's Inferno Update From GamesCom


Today in Cologne, Germany EA had its press conference and put on display some of its most anticpated titles. Plenty of which I have a lot of interest in but what I am sure most of you have been dying to hear more about is Dante's Inferno.

At the conference they showed off a brand new trailer, release date and even introduced a new game mechanic called "Righteousness". As soon as the trailer makes it's way online we will be bringing you that so first I will tell you about the new gameplay mechanic that they unveiled for the first time at Gamescom.

During the conference they showed off a bit of video highlighting this new system. In the video they had a split screen. One side showed a "punish" decision and the other showed a "righteous" decision. In the first clip they walked up to a suffering man in one of the circles in hell. When he is punished he is torn to bits but if you decide to absolve him he is lifted up out of hell.

The second bit was shown during a moment of combat. When fighting a boss you can decide between two different finishes. In the clip he first slices and dices his opponent. In the next one he pulls out his cross and places it firmly on the demon burning it into him. Both looked pretty painful.

Now to answer the question I'm sure you are all wondering.. When can I get my hands on this? Well I believe this was the first time they announced a release date as Feburary 9th. They will have a lot of competition in Q1 of 2010 but so far none of those other titles have really set a firm release date yet. Dante's Inferno will be coming out on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Keep it here for more!

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