Fresnadillo Replacing Verbinski on Bioshock?

It's been a while since we heard anything about the movie adaption of the hit video game Bioshock.  The last we heard back in June Was that Pirates of the Caribbean Dierector Gore Verbinski may be leaving the production.  At that time, Verbinski said he may be off the project because Universal wants him to film overseas to get a major tax credit on the proposed $160 budget.  Verbinski said he didnt think he could fit a long overseas shoot into his schedule so the project went on hiatus.  Now it appears that Verbinski is indeed out and his replacement may be close at hand.

Variety reports that Universal Pictures is pushing the project forward and they are in discussions with 28 Weeks Later Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo to take over.  Universal began courting Fresnadillo when the decision was made to officially film outside the US causing Verbinski to pull out.  However even if Universal reaches a deal with Fresnadillo, video game company Take Two Interactive has control over final approval of any director change.  If Fresnadillo does get officially signed on and approved, his producing partner Enrique Lopez Lavigne most likely will be signed on as producer alongside Verbinski who will remain a producer in some fashion. 

Dont get me wrong, I am extremely happy this film is pushing forward as I would love to see Bioshock get done and the story of Rapture presented on the big screen.  But a big name director like Gore Verbinski drops out and the top choice to replace him is a director with one major studio movie under his belt?  Kudo's to Fresnadillo for making an impact with the underrated 28 Weeks Later but this is definately a little bit of a stunner on Universals part, but Take Two can still always nix it.  For the sake of Fresnadillo and whatever Universal executive decided to recruit him, if this happens lets hope this doesnt turn out to be a disaster of Waterworld proportions.
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