Scream 4 Casts Anna Lynne McCord


From GhostFace comes word that Anna Lynne McCord has been cast in Scream 4. We have no word on what role she will play but no question she will be the eye candy. She first hit my radar in The Transporter where she played the uber hot catholic school girl car jacker. She has also starred in the Day of the Dead remake.

Kevin Williamson in an interview with Scifi Wire revealed that as we already knew its a trilogy and the next one will take place 10 years after the last one. Deputy Dewey is now married to Gale Weathers and is Sherriff. They have a child and the diabolical ghost face killer is back... dun dun dun.

Once the script is 100% polished he says its going to Wes Craven so it seems clear that the goal still is to get Wes Craven on board. Neve Campbell may or may not sign if the $ signs are right.

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