Sam Raimis BoogeyMan Movie Trailers!

Sony dropped me an email about 10 minutes ago sharing trailers for the upcoming Ghost House Pictures flick, Boogeyman. Gotta tell you I watched it and holy crap, this is going to be one hell of a movie.

Set in Pennsylvania, the story tells the haunting tale of a young man, Tim, emotionally traumatized by memories of terrible things in his childhood bedroom as a little boy.

After the tragic death of his father, he decides to return to the house he grew up in to face his fears of that bedroom. Fears of a mysterious being that could merely be a figment of his imagination. The experience might help him work out. Unless, of course, the Boogeyman is real...

Head to our boogeyman movie section to see the trailers. They are high rez, about 2minutes in length and so worth watching.

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