Phantasm Webseries Coming Soon?


I am one of the biggest fans of the Phantasm franchise and believe that Don Coscarelli is one of the most under appreciated directors. Today some news has been peculating online about some a possibility of some kind of new Phantasm project. All that has been really flat out said is that it is not Phantasm 5.

So I went around and tried to gather as much information about the project to figure out what it could be. So get ready because this is what I have come up with. Reggie Bannister granted an interview to IconvsIcon in which he hinted at another project while talking about the 30th anniversary, "We all feel real good about 2009. Thirty year anniversary of the first picture. We sure would like to see some spheres flying around, that yellow shit flying fast and furious, and dwarves scittering and stuff like that. We’re going to do our best. So we’re trying to bring you some new stuff."

At the close of the interview during his own plugs and whatnot he snuck this in, "Just hang in there and keep your fingers crossed for another ‘Phantasm’ episode, if we can call them episodes. They are kind of like earthquakes, they show up when you least expect them. [laughs] Keep your eye out for that."

After the interview was posted a couple online places picked it up. Horror Yearbook managed to score a still of what is apparently Reggie Bannister in the upcoming project playing "Reggie". You can check that out below. But what led me to the conclusion of an ongoing series was a comment from a very reliable source from the Phantasm Community in response to what Reggie said in the interview, "If you're not calling them episodes right now, you will be soon. Nice hint there as to what comes next, Reggie."

All of this has led me to believe that rather than putting together a rather large budget for a feature film will instead use a much smaller one for an ongoing Phantasm web series. Now of course this only something that I have put together and have filled in the lines to come to. But all this news put together seems like a logical conclusion but until we get some official news.. Stay on your toes and keep it right here for the latest.

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