Hallows Eve on DVD for $5


I have not been following this film at all but word from the filmmakers has come in that you can buy their film for $5 a copy on their website. The dvd art is below and the dvd features;

  • From Script To Scream: The Making of Hallows Eve
  • No Guts, No Gorey: The Special FX of Hallows Eve
  • The Comedy of Horror: Blooper Reel
  • Deleted / Extended Scenes
  • Director & Producer Feature Commentary track
  • Premiere Night Audio Feature Commentary Track
  • Official Trailer

Synpopsis; Days before the annual opening of Slaughter on Second Street, Owensboro's premiere haunted attraction, a tragedy befalls one of their own. Despite pleas from the manager, Buck Masters, the attraction is shut down until the mystery is solved. In his frustration, Buck devises a plan to get the haunt back on its feet and make some extra money while he's at it. Playing on the rumors that the attraction may in fact be haunted, Buck brings in a rag-tag group of paranormal investigators to prove the rumors true. The investigator's arrival is met with the feeling that something isn't right ,but it's just another job...Or so they think!

An unfriendly encounter with the building's maintenance man, Mr. Jenkins, makes the team realize that the history of the building is far darker than they could have ever imagined and they may actually be visiting one of Owensboro's most haunted sites. Locked in overnight, along with Buck, they begin their investigation, which becomes interrupted when three volunteers appear from the dressing room amidst their goodbyes for the season they had worked so hard on. As the night goes on, the volunteers begin falling victim to fatal accidents that may or may not be supernatural. It is then that the investigators must solve the mystery of Slaughter on Second Street. One by one, the ghost hunters are preyed upon by malicious forces and must rely on each other if they are to survive the night. Who will live to see morning and who will perish before the true secrets of Slaughter on Second Street are uncovered?

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