X-Files 3 in 2012?


Gillian Anderson has started talking about doing X-Files 3 and as big a fan as I am of the original series and the first film... I could care less. X-Files 2 missed the mark but the creators of the series still have the dillusion that fans just did not get it. The second film was a debacle and a huge let down. When asked about X-files 3 RadarOnline reports she said;

"I feel a certain commitment to that group of people that I worked with and we still enjoy doing it, when we do it. There is no reason why not to come together and do it again. If they can pull it off, we'll find some reason to make it."

They also report the film could get a release in 2012. Frankly.. not interested. Are you? Did you like X-Files 2? Tks to Gene for the scoop!


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