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The Nightmare Collection, is nearing completion on a follow-up to its popular Indie horror shorts compilation series which saw Volume 1 hit the market to positive reviews. The DVD is a collection of some of the best horror shorts from around the world. They are introduced by a unique character called, Necro Nancy, played by the talented and beautiful actress/model Krista Grotte. On the DVD the Nancy character is playing out a 'From Beyond the Grave' murderous storyline all her own while introducing the shorts to the viewing audience. This gives the viewers a voyeuristic type experience as seen through the lens of the accompanying cameraman as Nancy dispatches her victims between films. Not to mention it makes the cut scenes almost another horror short all their own.  

Volume 1 gave us a solid group of films that included the stand out 'Don't Worry, It's Only Your Imagination' from F/X Wizard Bill 'Splat' Johnson. This film is just about a feature film with its 60 minute running time. It scared the pants off film goers when it was screened at The Saints & Sinners Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida. The reaction to that film is what got Festival Host Rick Danford to contact Mr. Johnson about creating a DVD collection that would include and showcase his film. Thus, The Nightmare Collection was born.   The Nightmare Collection Volume 1 DVD easily brought plenty of bang for the buck to the table as not only did it house almost 2 hours of horror shorts alone, but each film had a slew of additional materials such as Audio Commentary, Photo Galleries, Behind the Scenes Footage and so much more. There was also some Necro Nancy Behind the Scenes material including a prequel comic that told the story of how her character came to be and left off where the DVD picks up.    

Enigma Films is well into production with Volume 2 and looks to take the series to a whole new level. This time out Nancy is hitting the road with each scene providing a new location, set up and victim. The Producers promise a fun storyline and some very grisly and disturbing deaths along the way. The final couple of Necro Nancy cut scenes are currently being planned and then the DVD will be ready to plug in the shorts and extras to finalize.  

A couple of the horror shorts to be included on the upcoming DVD are already being secured but Enigma Films is looking for a couple more films to add to the mix. If you have a quality horror short you'd like to have included on The Nightmare Collection Volume 2 DVD, or know of one you think would be a great fit, then you need to contact Rick Danford at as soon as possible.

The Nightmare Collection series is a wonderful way to get you and your film the exposure you need as well as allow you to bring the whole film experience to life with added features for each film.    For more information on the Nightmare Collection series make sure to check out the Official web site at

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