First HOST 2 Photo


Avery a regular news scooper just passed along the first photo for The Host 2 which appeared on Twitch. Check it out below. twitch also has some really great info on the sequel which you can read about here

The script was written by comic book artist Kang Full. The film will take place in 2003 when they were restoring the Cheonggye Stream. That stream had been blocked off for 30 years so when they finally go back to restore it they are confronted with a surprise. Full spoke about the project saying, "I wanted to maintain the grace of the original film and to overcome the difficulties and limitations a sequel could have. And I wish to show more action with multiple monsters.”

The restoration was a very controversial event in Korea so the script is once again expected to feature as much serious political and social subtext as the previous film. No director has been announced but they plan to begin shooting this summer and to have the film out by 2009. This time with a higher budget.

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