Possible Director For 30 Days of Night Sequel


A sequel for 30 Days of Night has been rumored for quite some time. Until now we haven't really gotten any kind of information about how may possibly be involved. Today however a bit of interesting information landed in the laps of Bloody Disgusting. They are reporting that Ben Ketai would be directing the proposed sequel which is being called 30 Days of Night: Dark Days.

Ketai worked on the script with Steve Niles and he also wrote the script for the web series Blood Trails and Dust to Dust. BD has also learned that shooting is schedueled to begin this October in Vancouver, Canada.

They also learned that Melissa George's character, Stella Oleson, returns as the lead. But George will not be back in the role and instead will be completely recast. In the sequel, Stella joins a group of vampire hunters in order to get revenge on Lilith - the vamp responsible for the attack on her Alaska town.

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