Chilean Horror Flick Humanimal Photos


About a year after shooting it's teaser-trailer, "Humanimal" finally wrapped it's shooting. The chilean movie is a weird take on the horror genre, as it's main actors are fully dressed on almost ridiculous animal costumes and has no dialogs at all.

The teaser-trailer featured the three main actors Ramón Llao (Turtle), Jenny Cavallo (Cat) and Sebastián Layseca (Fox). It allowed the film to get chilean and international media attention and eventually helped the movie work on a bigger budget. Also new actors joined the cast to play the remaining roles like Cristobal Tapia-Montt, Felipe Avello, Francisco Gormaz, among others. The film features a total of 13 characters and the whole story takes place on one big location.

The movie tells the story of Turtle a character that lives on an abandoned house with the abusive Fox. After he rescues Cat they start competing to seduce her. Yet, she is only interested on the one who incorporates human habits. Turtle realizes he can gain some advantage by feeding flesh-eating creature that lives on the kitchen.

Despict being labeled by chilean press as a fable-horror that is shocking, strange, overloaded and a surreal experience with an atmosphere full of symbolism, the movie is a straight lineal story that follows how an inoccent character (Turtle) becomes corrupt with the temptation of sex and power, and how he eventually grows up.

The film is being directed by spanish director Francesc Morales who is currently living in Chile. He says about the movie: "The story talks through animals about the decline of human nature and it expects to be a tough criticism about what makes us persons". Being a movie that doesn't need dialogs it has the advantage that it can be seen in any place of the world without difficulties.

The movie plans to travel through fantasic film festivals during 2010 as it's currently finishing it's editing and preparing it's festival debut. A first trailer of the movie will be available online during the next months.

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