Porn Star Joanna Angel Joins Cast of Haunting Kira


From ShootForTheHead comes word that adult film star Joanna Angel has joined the cast of haunting Kira.

"Could we do a Sin City zombie film without at least one porn star?" producer Chad Clinton Freeman jokingly asks. "Seriously though, Joanna Angel is a perfect fit for our film.

'Haunting Kira' is an exploration into diversity, individuality and identity and she's an entrepreneur that got where she is by doing things her own way."

Star of the film and Scream Queen Rachel Grubb gives us the following on the film and its plot;

"Most zombie movies are about the world being chased by animated corpses, and the living having to fight to stay alive. This is only about one zombie, and it's not an epidemic. Instead, it's about a spirit who's discovered a way to infiltrate a corpse. It's a zombie, but this time, the audience has this relationship with his mind. He feels what's happening to him in the rotting vessel and we experience that along with him."

Stay tuned for more as we get it.

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