Former UFC Fighter To Be Jason in F13 Sequel?

I'm sincere in my utter dislike of Platinum Dunes' remakes.  They stylish however they lack any substance or scares.  The one thing that Brad Fuller, Andrew Form and Michael Bay know how to do is cast villains.  Andrew Bryniarski was a decent Leatherface, Sean Bean was a great John Ryder, and Derek Mears was the best thing about the Friday the 13th remake doing one hell of a Jason.  And I would only see a F13 sequel for Mears as Jason, however that might not be the case.
, a website about the UFC reports that UFC Champion Tim Sylvia is lined up to play the hockey mask slayer of Crystal Lake.  I'm not a UFC person but I think this is a bad choice, Mears was a superb Jason and really did some interesting with the character.  So why is there a casting change?  We'll let y'all know as word comes out. 
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