6 Horror Games You Must Buy!


There are alot of great horror games out there and some are better then others but for my part I wanted to share with you all 6 horror games that I think every horror loving fan absolutely MUST have in their collection. If you dont own one of these games you need to run your ass off to the local game shop and buy a copy! In no particular order here are six horro games you must buy!

Resident Evil 5: This game although quite linear and not as free world as I might like for a zombie game is still a fantastic game. Visually its kick ass and the game features some pretty intense moments as you take on not just zombies but some seriously vicious bosses. I am still playing this game and although I would have liked much larger 'free' areas to explore like in other horror games its still a fun one that will keep you entertained.

Dead Space: I just literally picked this one up since I am a broke blogger. I bought it based on the reccomendation of you readers who have submitted reviews for the game having nothing but great things to say about it. The game visually is very cool and combines the visual look of DOOM with the mod system of Bioshock making for one hell of a game. Goon told me this game was creepy and fun and he is absolutely right. Turn the volume WAY up on your gaming machine and turn the lights off and enjoy a really spooky gaming experience. This is a great game that I have not yet completed but at this point can not really say anything bad about it.

Left 4 Dead: Right off the bat its worth saying that Left 4 Dead is a super sweet game that gets stale and old after a meer 30minutes of playing. But I still find myself picking it up every two weeks or so and playing it for 30 minutes just for the intensity and fun of beating my way through MASSIVE hordes of the undead. Left 4 Dead lacks any sort of story element which is a huge let down but it gets on my list for great graphics, spooky environments and some great multiplayer gameplay. I just wish VALVE had of done more like Half Life 2 and made a great looking game with a great single player experience.

Dead Rising: I actually bought an Xbox360 just so I could play Dead Rising. Kid you not it was the reason and without a doubt Dead Rising is the be all end all of zombie video games. Stuck in a mall, everything is a weapon and more zombies then you can possibly beat a ... well... a zombie with. This game is insane, the environments are sweet and the ability to hack and slash your way through the mall with just about anything as a weapon makes this game the definition of awesome. Dead Rising is a game that if you are a horror fan you MUST own. if you dont own it... you can not call yourself a fan of horror gaming.


Fallout 3: Last on my list is Fallout 3. I have been a huge fan of the FALLOUT games since they first started making them and Fallout 3 is easily the crown jewel of the game. It features a huge world that you can explore at your leisure and an assload of baddies, npc characters to interact wtih and weapons to suit all of your diabolical needs. Including a tactical nuke which I once used on giant ants in a small cave. Result? Dead Ants.. and dead me! The addons for this game quite frankly are less then impressive as they do not tie nicely to the game and really are 'side games' but still Fallout 3 is easily one of my favorite games that I have ever bought.

Bioshock: This is another game i bought at the reccomendation of you friends on the site. You all told me this game was awesome and you did not let me down. Its 50's vibe combined with great environments and all kinds of awesome weapons and baddies makes this game a must buy. The ability to modify/tweak and alter yourself and your equipment gives this game ENDLESS replay value. I am still playing this game to this day and I have owned it for almost a year now. Great game with great replay value and a great story arc. I can not wait for Bioshock 2 and I also can not wait for the Bioshock movie!

So there you have it. My 6 Horror Games Worth Buying. Whats in your collection that I missed?

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