Gutterballs 2 Poster and Synopsis


I was a pretty big fan of the first film. It was everything I really like to see in horror. It was uncompromising, nasty, and a fuck load of fun. Of course directed by Ryan Nicholson it followed his usual brand of horror in delivering some of the most controversial subjects to light. So what will he do with a sequel?

Today the official site for Plotdigger Films has a new poster which parodies Jaws much like the original films did Maniac. The site also offered up a short synopsis. Check it all out below:

BBK returns! Everyone's favourite bowling-bagged butcher goes off the deep end, taking his trade from the bowling alley to an enormous outdoor waterslide park in pursuit of the tenacious survivors from the first film. Who's behind the bag this time? Who'll survive this day of chlorinated carnage? All we know for sure is, a whole lot of people are gonna slip, slide... and die!

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